Steps In creating the "Drumming Painting."

Plus sign indicates painting is FOR SALE..

​Drumming In Basin Park (24"x36")

     This is Eureka's answer to New Orleans' Mardi Gras that celebrates the week leading up to lent with lavash  parties. This painting depicts Eureka's Royal Court, Kings, Queens and  Courtiers at the coronation in the Crescent Hotel's Ball Room.

    Good food, good wine and good friends..

A Toast To The New Year (24"x30").

Detail Painting.

    The hottest little night spot in town, also has a great pizza, where Eureka's most exotic night owls congregate.  Especially on weekends.

White Street Walk (25"x36")

Preliminary Sketch

    Both locals and visitors to Eureka find this street the perfect place to celebrate Halloween. A good party for the adults and plenty of candy for the children.

    The craft of making drums is​ on of the many popular arts being practiced in Eureka. Many Eurekan's collect and play these creations. Especially on one Saturday evening, each summers month, in Basin Park. Tourists and residents alike are invited to participate in the merriment, but be sure to turn your hearing aid off. 

A Night At ​Chelseas (24"X30")


Under painting.

Lunch At The Eureka Grill (24"x30").

​Trick Or Treat On White Street (22"x30")

Final Sketch.

    In the heart of Eureka's Downtown is one of the most charming gathering places, especially on a warm, sun-shiny afternoon. You can enjoy a tasty libation and watch the many character, both visitors and locals, parade by.

Paint small shapes

​Eureka Gras (24"x36")

    A great many Eureka Artists live on White Street and they open their homes and studios to the public during the "May Festival Of The Arts". Many non White Street Artists also set up art displays on the street, making this the artistic highlight of the social season. 

​Mad Hatters Ball (22"x48")

Paint Large Shapes


    This is an annual Halloween type bash sponsored by the Eureka School Of The Arts where costume fanatics can go crazy and receive prizes for creating exotic attire focusing on exotic headdress.

    Not so exotic guests can also attend, but they must have some form of hat.


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   Their are two main reasons that I love my little town of Eureka Springs. One is the beautiful and quaint Victorian style buildings, streets and parks,( which I depicted in a  a series of paintings and a book called "Eureka Springs Impressions")

    The second reason is the beautiful and fun loving people of Eureka. The paintings series that I call "Party Eureka" helps tell that story.