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​Larry Mansker in his Eureka Springs,AR studio

    In 1991 I  moved back to the piece and quiet on the mid west. Eureka Springs,AR, my new home, a charming little Victorian tourist town. My book "Eureka Springs Impressions"  tells it's colorful story with paintings and a brief history.

" In my paintings the elements of design (line, texture, contrast, composition and color) are foremost, but also very important is creating a mood - for me, a happy mood, one that focuses on the brighter aspect of being alive."

     By 1990's minimalism was out and now there were two styles that were in fashion. The many  large office buildings being constructed at that time needed large colorful "Abstract Paintings"to liven up their simple interiors.

it's all about telling a story

          In the late 1970's I moved to California and thanks to the booming economy I was able to focused on my earlier love of creating murals and large paintings for designers and architects. Many of these projects can be seen on the Custom Art Projects.

Jackson County Shrine Club 1959

      After my army service I worked in commercialart studios, eventually opening my own  art busines that focused on helping clients with their public relations and advertising, some portraits and a few murals.

    The success of these commercial projects enabled me to tell some of my own stories. The California Ocean was fascinating with it's movement and ever changing patterns. I wanted to capture that excitement with paintings, etchings and serigraphs. These became my book "Sailing Impressions".


Army Exhibit Unit 1963-66

 "Brush For Hire" is my fifty page book with stories and photographs that tells about my art career. From my inspirations to creating art and the marketing of that art. These stories focuses on the changes in art style in the later half of the 20th century.

       I create art to tell a story. The clients story or my story of our society that interest me. When our society changes, about every ten years, the art also change. These changes in our culture and art interest have given me the opportunity to master many art techniques over my lifetime of making art.


     My custom art career started in my high school where I painted a mural on the cafeteria wall, which lead to several murals  to help clients tell their stories.This enabled me to be the mural painter for the U.S.Army Exhibit Unit at the Pentagon.

    Another of my favorite subject was"CityScape Paintings".  Thanks to my early job in a  architectural rendering studio. A art gallery in Kansas City, where I grew up, and an easy drive from my new home were able to display my very large paintings of Kansas City scenes in their very large galleries. These paintings helped business to tell their story and their relationship to their community. 

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     The revival of the Antique Style was the second popular fad of the 1990's Traditional paintings with big gold frames were needed to go with oriental rugs and darker colors.

    The deep forest  surrounding my new home and studio was the inspiration for my"Ozark Forest Impressions Paintings" series. Maybe a book to come. My favorite subject, the figure, was also a part of these paintings.


       In the1980's minimalism was the style. Very clean and simple decor. All white interiors or almost all white. Art on paper worked very well in this setting. Watercolors, drawings and original prints were all the rage.  I painted a lot of watercolors and opened an etching an serigraph studio.

    My"Romance Paintings" were inspired by  our little town's  acceptance of a diverse life style for our culture, and this philosophy inspired me to depict figures in loving relationships in a contemporary painting style.